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Participants should have:

  • Scientific Computing experience
  • Programming skills in at least one language
  • Their own computer with internet access

Required Software

Each participant should have the following programs installed on its own computer:

  • Pycharm (the free Community Edition is sufficient)
  • Git (if you have linux or mac os it may be pre-installed, check!)

For Windows users, check that you can correctly use git from a shell.

Required Accounts

No paying accounts are necessary for the workshop!

Required materials [for in-person lectures only]

  • a large room where all participants can fit in

    • equipped with a whiteboard
    • projector for presentations
  • extra separate rooms (number depends on audience size), each equipped with chairs and tables

  • movable flip-charts (number depends on audience size)
  • wished but not necessary, drinks and snacks during the breaks


If you are motivated to get the most from our lectures, make sure to meet these further prerequisites.

Python Prerequisites

The best way for you to check your python skills is to challenge them.

Try to solve some exercises of the Euler Project. Problems are listed in the Archive tab. They will give you the opportunity to use the Pycharm IDE and leverage on some useful python libraries.

In case you have difficulties solving exercises or you think you could use some further explanation, we suggest that you follow one of numerous tutorials. Here are some suggestions:

Git basics

Are you familiar with the commands

  • git clone
  • git fetch
  • git pull
  • git add
  • git commit
  • git push ?

If so, you are good to go!

Otherwise, you can visit Learn the Basics of Git in Under 10 Minutes. Note: learning the SSH protocol is not necessary for the workshop. You can use HTTPS for cloning your projects.