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Agile Project Management

  • Introduction to Project Management: Waterfall vs Agile
  • How to write stories, maintain a Backlog and work with a board
  • Improve constantly with Retrospectives
  • Agile best practices

Clean Code

  • Tests and test-driven development
  • Git and git workflows
  • Clean and maintainable code
  • Useful documentation

Learning Experience


I forget what you tell me

What you show me, I remember

What you make me do, I understand


Our workshop has been conceived to put at the center of the spotlight the participants and to make the learning interactive and concrete.

The participants will be divided into teams that will work independently during the exercises, and share their findings at the end of each exercise.

We will follow the Agile concept. Each team will start from a very simple working mode, but after every lesson, new concepts will be introduced and stack up incrementally to the working mode of the team. In the end, each team will be working in a full-agile way, and use modern coding methodologies.

We will use modern python 3 throughout all our exercises and leave to the participants the task of finding the corresponding technology in their favorite programming language. The concepts that we will introduce will be of course language-independent, and we are confident that participants will be able to find the corresponding in their programming language.